Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Please Help!

I want to start a blog roll and link list. I don't know how and can't seem to find helpful hints that apply to my situation. Perhaps I have a blog that requires Html knowledge. If so, I really need help. Mark gave me some input but it doesn't seem to apply. Of course I can't seem to find a way to talk to a person representing Blogger. Any tips will be greatly appreciated, particularly if they are in the most basic Run Spot. Run. language possible. Thank you in advance.


Liam said...

Hello Marshall

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to upgrade your blog’s template to the new blogger version. It will prompt you to do this if you need to, so don’t worry if you don’t see anything about upgrading.

1) Go to your blog’s dashboard, choose the ‘Layout’ link.
2) Check that you are looking at the ‘Page Elements’ (This will be the highlighted one of the options along the top of the page.)
3) Within the outlines representing your blog layout, at the top of right-hand column, click ‘Add a Page Element’
4) For the ‘Link List’ option choose ‘Add to Blog’
5) Enter ‘Blog Roll’ (or whatever you want it to be called) as the title.
6) Make your choice for ‘Number…in list’ and ‘Sorting’
7) Enter a link’s address and how you want it to appear in the next two boxes and click ‘Add Link’
8) You should be able to repeat the process (7&8) for each link you want to add.
9) When you’ve added all the links, click ‘Save Changes’
10) The new element will appear on your outlines page and you can drag it to its preferred position.
11) Then, ‘Preview’ as necessary before clicking the ‘Save’ button to commit the changes.

Hope this is helpful.

Mark said...

Sorry, Art, I thought it was pretty clear, and I am as much a techno-moron as you are. I guess Liam's instructions are correct, but as I am a techno-moron, they seem a little ambiguous to me. I will add to his number 7. In order to enter a blog address you can copy and paste the address into the space provided for your blogroll. And yes, by all means, use the "preview" feature.

Marshall Art said...

Thanks, guys. I suspected I had to upgrade. Funny. Not long ago I was forced to upgrade something just to post comments on other peoples' sites and that's when I got the blog page to begin with. You'd have thought I'd be given an upgraded template then. It wasn't that long ago. I'll give it a go.

Marshall Art said...

Oh, and Liam, if I haven't extended it already, Welcome!

Geoffrey Kruse-Safford said...

Marshall, you are an Illinoisan, too! Welcome to the whole blog thing. I shall add you to my blogroll over at my place - which you can find just by clicking on my name in the comment section.

By all means, follow the advice given by Liam. With the new blogger, doing all that stuff, from blogrolls to other bling, bells, and whistles is easy for an old fart like me.

Marshall Art said...

Thanks, Geoff, and welcome!

Les said...

My advice would be to ditch Blogspot altogether, find a friend who can offer you a free blog, and blatantly mooch off of him. Works for me.

Or just do what Liam and Mark suggested.

Marshall Art said...

Well, folks, as you can see, I've negotiated the template upgrade with little difficulty. I've scanned the options and creating the blogroll appears to be a relative snap. It will be forthcoming. Thanks for all the suggestions from everyone. I wish I could've used Les's suggestion.

Mark said...


Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

You can also use Blogrolling.com


Thanks for the link. I will return the compliment.

Liam said...

Thank you for the welcome. I'm hoping you can host some interesting rational debate.

BTW I have finally replied to your comment about government legitimacy over at Mark's blog.