Friday, September 23, 2016

The Kids Are Alright

Over at Dan Trabue's blog, he often (almost always) posts that which provokes a response from me.  Now and then (almost always) he rebukes me for my observations, conclusions and perspectives on whatever topic, issue or report compels them.  Kinda goofy considering there's a place at the end inviting comments.

But this time, as his recent posts here and here  involve family, specifically his kids, I thought it best I post my wonderment here instead of there.

Now, first of all, I want to reiterate what a wonderful thing I believe it to be that his kids popped for the trip for the family to take that marvelous vacation.  I'm truly envious of him as well as very much happy for him.  How very cool indeed!

Now here's the "but"....

How is this remarkable good fortune not an example of "over-consumerism" against which Dan so often preaches?  Did he not make his position on the subject well known to his kids?  Did they ignore his teachings about simple living?  Was he informed of their plans before the arrangements were set so that he could gently reject their plans, encouraging them to instead make a donation to the poor in his name as a better use of the money so that Dan would not have to bear the shame of having more than so many unfortunates?

I only mean this with just a tad bit of snark.  After all, it isn't like such an expenditure wouldn't fall within the boundaries of opulence and hyper-consumption.  It's neither a need nor a simple pleasure to take such a trip.  I personally have no problem with enjoying the fruits of one's labor to experience as much of the world God created as money allows.  That would be nice stuff of all kinds, including Lamborghinis, large estates, a fine wardrobe, fine dining and of course, European vacations (if not a second or third residence there).

But not Dan.  He doesn't believe we're to have more than we need.  And that's the problem here, because who needs to go to Europe for a vacation?   Did I say how cool I think it is that he got to go, and to go courtesy of his kids?  Way cool!  Good for him.  But by his own beliefs, shouldn't he be ashamed?