Sunday, May 19, 2024

Great Googly Moogly!

 So there I was, just sittin' there, and I've begun my 70th year on God's green earth!  MAN!!

Gee!  When I put it like that, it's downright freaky!

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Supporting Trump: Part Two

 I began the previous post (seems so long ago) in this way:

"There are two ways to defend the support of Donald Trump for president this November:  

1.  Promoting another four years of improvement of the state of the nation.

2.  Preventing another four years of destruction of the state of the nation."

This post covers #2, which is an apt description of what has resulted from having had way too many who should have known better rejecting Trump in 2020. 

When voting, most of us hope to vote for someone as opposed to voting against someone.  In 2016, I certainly was more the latter than the former, though what Trump campaigned on was worthy of voting for him.  But Hillary was just too dangerous to the welfare of the nation, so I'd have to say I was voting more against her than for Trump.  When 2020 came around, Trump had proven himself more than worthy of a second term.  My "gamble" had paid off and I was happy to support him then.  Since he was unjustly and criminally denied, we have two single terms to compare against each other, and Biden is found wanting...which is probably the most blatant and obvious understatement ever uttered. 

I had not intended to wait so long to publish this post.  It's not a question of whether or not Biden has been the destructive force to which point #2 refers.  It's been a question of deciding how to go about listing all the many ways, or which of the very many ways to provide, as the list is incredibly long.  He actually makes Obama look like he served the nation.  He has totally stolen the title of worst president ever from his old boss and even from the impotent Jimmy Carter, who, by direct comparison, comes off as a saint, albeit a stupid one. 

But Joe Biden brings nothing good to the table whatsoever, unless one counts comic relief.  But his shit really ain't funny, as it impacts so many millions in so many horrible ways.  Again, where to begin?  What I've decided to do is simply to list links to articles which do the job for me.  In the last post, we touched on whether or not we're better off economically, and Dan's offering wasn't difficult to refute with others touching on the same points.  That discussion can still be debated, as one person offered a US Treasury report insisting purchasing power has improved, while the fact that I can't get the same amount of groceries for the same $100 as I could prior to Biden taking office proves that report is administration spin. 

Some of what I present is of a general nature, summarizing what a piece of shit he's been since day one, while others look at more specific issues.  With both points #1 and #2, I may have a few more posts supportive of Trump for president in 2024, covering these same two points.  We'll see.  So without further ado and in no particular order:

I'm going to leave it there for now, but I've got a massive file of this stuff about this most obvious bad choice for president.  It's hard to keep up with all the crap which comes out on an almost daily basis  related to this guy's incompetence.  Nothing one can say about Trump matches it.  All who suggest Trump's presidency was a failure is either a liar or an abject moron. 

The bottom line here is that Biden's presidency is what the downfall of America looks like.  I support Trump because I want this shit stopped, and while it won't necessarily be stopped to my satisfaction with Trump as president, it's not possible it will in any way be as bad as Biden has made it.  Trump isn't that stupid.  Trump isn't that incompetent or unfit.  Trump has a proven record of beneficial results for all Americans.  Biden's got nothing but morons who actually think he's doing a good job. 

Sunday, April 07, 2024

Supporting Trump: Part One

There are two ways to defend the support of Donald Trump for president this November:  

1.  Promoting another four years of improvement of the state of the nation.

2.  Preventing another four years of destruction of the state of the nation.

Either presents a legitimate argument, a logical argument, a fact-based argument. 

As regards point #1, Trump's record as president begged for a repeat performance in 2020, and he was denied by all manner of fraud, interference, irregularity which resulted in the election actually being stolen from him.  His detractors pretend otherwise, as if his record of achievement wasn't enough.  As if his manner and eccentricities drove away intelligent voters.  Pseudo-sophisticates and the sanctimonious assert he was not presidential material, while those like me maintain that his record proved he indeed was, and then some.  

That record included tax and regulatory policy which resulted in a thriving economy, with growth beyond what the impotent Obama said was no longer possible.  We were told the weak growth rate was the new normal to which we needed to get used and that a magic wand was required to do better.  (Then of course, when better came to be, this same worthless bastard dared to claim the booming economy was due to his efforts.)  

It also included oil flowing like Niagara Falls to the extent that our costs were low and our exports were high.  And with his support for Keystone and other pipelines, jobs were as plentiful as the oil.  It also included a more reasonable cost of living for all, and inflation was low.  It included more and better paying jobs to the extent that the unemployment rate for black Americans was the lowest ever since they began tracking that, and the lowest in the nation since the early 1960s, and thus liberated nearly seven million people from food stamps.  He lowered drug prices for the first time in 51 years. 

It included actual work toward reigning in the number of illegal invaders flowing across our borders.  A wall which border agents confirmed was impeding the ability of illegals from crossing, making their jobs easier. 

It included pulling out of the Iran Nuclear Deal.  The former put a huge financial hurt on Iran and mitigated their ability to finance nuke production as well as terrorist activity (whereas both Obama and now Biden choose to fund both).  On that issue, Trump took out an Iranian military leader, Qassem Soleimani and ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi...two vermin responsible for all sorts of terrorist attacks.

It included the Abraham Accords which brought together Israel and Arab states as well as with us.  In doing so, he made it clear that the Jew-hating Gazastinian/West Bankers were not necessary to advance relationships in the region, and did not have to be a veto to every such attempt.  It included moving our embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel's capitol in Jerusalem where it should always have been.

It included supporting ASEAN over Chinese expansionism and fighting China's aggression toward its neighbors.  Even Vietnam professed its gratitude toward Trump in this regard. 

This is a really short list.  Trump's achievements, again, justified a second term.  There's no thinking person who voted against giving him one.  No thinking person would presume to assert he wouldn't continue on that path he started in his first term as there's no rational argument to suggest he wouldn't.  Some wish to speak of the debt increase during his presidency.  But as I provided for Craig, the debt has no only increased with every president since Nixon, it has increased in the second term of every two-term president.  That is, where the debt rose for Obam's first term, it rose again during his second.  And as I said, it was the same with every two-termer...Reagan, Clinton, Bush 43 AND Obama.  Thus, to hold it against Trump as if it mitigates all of the above good is inane.

Another criticism is the COVID "vaccines" and Trump's seeming continued support for them.  This is a legit gripe, but it fails due to the fact that so much is known about its inefficiency and harmful potential that it's doubtful too many are making their jab decisions based on his support of the "vax" alone, if at all.  And while detractors insist they aren't insisting on perfection in a candidate, it's these imperfections they scrape up to lament him as the GOP nominee and to rationalize withholding votes.

A far more egregious bit of nonsense is Trump's manner, his "mean tweets" and other such "stupid" things he says or does.  Let's forget all the good things he does and pretend none of it counts for judging his character.  Let's just focus on bullshit instead.  The "character" argument fails against his record of beneficial achievements.  This is serious shit here and whether he's cracking wise about some woman's looks or "hawking" a Bible, to pretend anyone should give this crap any real weight belies their claims of being sensible voters.  They aren't, and the future of the nation is too important to concern one's self with crap when real destructive policies are a guarantee with another four years of Dem control of the White House. 

And here's another thing which speaks to Trump's plus side:  He loves America in a tangible, substantive way which manifests in his willingness to take all the shit haters are throwing his way just to ensure America is Made Great Again.  The lawfare, the obstructions...none of it will stop him from doing right by us.  Those who pretend he only cares about himself have to be some of the stupidest assholes in the world in the face of all that.  He hasn't been enriched by public service as has most every other president and member of Congress.  Yet he continues on our behalf. 

It's not Trump who is Trump's worst enemy.  It is those who say this kind of crap when they should be assuring folks of why he should get their support, too.  But they are his worst "baggage" as they pretend anyone should be concerned about his less than perfect ways as if they matter against real issues which do.

ADDENDUM:  As luck would have it, today's edition of provided the following article which aligns well with what I've begun with this post:

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

New Rule

If men were angels, there'd be no need for government or rules.  Unfortunately, too many men are assholes.   

Because of a person or persons commenting here as if they were Dan Trabue (and really...who the f**k would want to be him?), I'm forced to enact another rule:

All commenting must be done by honest people willing to identify themselves in a manner which convinces me they are who they say they are.   

 I know there are those who for reasons of a personal nature fear identifying themselves.  For example, their jobs might be at risk if their employers or co-workers knew of their political/religious positions.  Frank Turec, our own Wintery Knight, are examples.  

Others are just insipid cowards, like feo and those who post under the name of another.  There are also those who won't open up a Blogger account simply to provide some legit means of identifying or contacting them to verify who they are.  They're trolls.  No one likes trolls.  

As always I reserve the right to allow anyone I choose to allow and discontinue posting comments from those who've proven themselves feo-like.  This recent counterfeit at least comments in an acceptable tone, and that might persuade me to allow such commenting.  But I won't allow the appropriation of another person's name.  Don't do it. 

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Where Speaking Of The Past Protects Us In The Future

I came across the above as the author is among those who still stay engaged with the election fraud issue from 2020.  Some whine when Trump refers to being robbed (a solid truth if ever there was one) as if we should just move along.  That's abject stupidity.  While I don't want Trump's presidency (assuming he wins in November) to be nothing more than getting even for that criminal act, I also don't want it to be forgotten, dropped, set aside or regarded as unimportant among all he could be spending his time resolving as president.  This is a national travesty and needs one guy to provoke action by 50 other guys...that is, all state clean up the crap Dems imposed upon us which made our current suffering the order of the day.  

This article speaks of 92 cases where the presiding judges chose not to deal with evidence at all.  This is contemptible in light of the many leftist assholes who pretend there was no evidence of fraud or election problems in 2020.  

Here's a helpful rule of thumb:  if a leftist's lips are moving, he/she's lying to you.  Start from there and force them to prove whatever it is they're saying is true.  As we see here on the blogs, they'll change the subject.

While I know there have been some states which have addressed election issues and protocols, I have no confidence enough has been done to ensure truly fair and honest elections.  I mean, shit, there are Democrats involved.  How fair and honest could they be?  How many state have cleaned up their voter roles?  How many have limited the "election season" to fewer days...if not back to simply one?  How many have strengthened anything having to do with election integrity?  

Scant few as we see the GOP looking to "do what the Dems do", when they don't mean cheating like Dems do.  They expect that somehow we'll benefit by early voting, mail-in, ballot harvesting....the talk about "banking your vote".  What morons!  Sean Hannity has been preaching this and the recent NYC special election to fill the George Santos seat was used by Hannity as "proof" that "banking" one's necessary because a snow storm on election day negatively impacted turnout.  Well, if there was no early voting, or mail-ins, both parties would be impacted in the same way.  

Cheating happened in 2020 and it manifested in a variety of ways, all of which together means that the election result was severely negatively impacted.  80+ million votes for a moron?  No fucking way.  That election was stolen.  Period.  92 cases could have put Trump in the White House where he belonged were it not for morally bankrupt judges refusing to consider evidence.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Dying By The Hands Of Their Own

The above is an essay dealing with the moral aspect of collateral damage.  The subject has come up in recent discussions regarding the slander that Israel is guilty of war crimes because of civilian casualties resulting from their just response to the murderous aggression of the Gazastinians.  Some would say the civilian people of Gaza are somehow not linked to the Hamas animals they elected to lead them and thus should not be considered the aggressors in this conflict.  That's abject crap.  While it's not to say that civilians should be targeted, or that hate for Israel would not increase were they to cease the incredibly Christian-like concern for them their military has and continues to show them, to lie about culpability being upon the IDF for Gazastinian casualties must be mocked as the willful and intentional lie it is.

Tuesday, March 12, 2024


 The following contains a video of a black voice to which all should listen:

When a black woman regards most black women in power as stupid, it validates the reality seen by our own eyes.  I don't know every woman on Widburg's list, but I don't think there's a one who is not a Democrat or, as such people are now proudly labeled, "modern progressives".  Each is a moron in her own right and I think it's not at all a stretch to suggest their sex and race were the most important factor in installing them in their positions of authority, not anything akin to intelligence.  It's a sad state of affairs and I know there are bright and intelligent black women in this country, if for no other reason than the laws of averages and probability demand that there must be.  I would wager none of them are Democrats.

Just as true is the lack of intelligence of any other woman with a "D" next to her name regardless of color.  Tulsi Gabbard seems to have some smarts, or at least enough to git from the party while the gittin's good.  Pelosi ain't stupid, but she's evil and a moron for backing crap policies.  As she's never been in it to promote the general welfare anyway, her smarts ain't a bonus.  

But the woman in the video, who seems like just an average every-woman covers a lot of ground and nails it on every inch of it.  Her comments about Obama are priceless.

P.S.  I stole the title for this post from Craig.